Arts Fundraising

Olimpyaa manages sponsorships and partnerships for artists residencies, galleries, foundations, museums, cultural organisations dedicated to their projects with major Companies and Luxury Brands, becoming the hub of communication between Business and Culture. Olimpyaa creates long term cooperation, building up a network of companies from different sectors, where the common goal is the investment in Art and Culture.

We work internationally with development programs in Europe, the Middle East, North and Latin America, across Eastern Europe and Asia. Under our single management system each commissioned project is managed from the proposal of sponsorship or partnership to the company upon the signing of the contract.

Invest in Art and Culture fits the spirit of the company

Businesses may choose to be involved in an art collection or an art program consisting of art sponsorship, commissioning art, or enhancing their marketing activities by creating art events and engaging new target audiences – a way to get closer to customers, community and employees.

Why companies should invest in Art and Culture

  • organizations can achieve one or more of their corporate social responsibility objectives by investing in the arts
  • arts and culture can foster economic inclusion
  • the arts can have a positive impact on the development of local communities and social networks
  • the arts can have a significant economic impact on local communities
  • culture builds stronger communities
  • the arts contribute to innovation within a community
  • increased tourism and other indirect economic activity